FileFilter 2.0

FileFilter - hide your private data! Hide and Protect files and folders
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Do you keep the data which must be the secret from everybody but you in your PC? Do you want to protect your private information from strangers' eyes? Yes? We are glad to offer you our new product - FileFilter.
FileFilter is a new solution in data hiding. This product allows you to hide files and folders, lock access to them by making them invisible and inaccessible to everyone but you. Text files, tables, images, multimedia files, private correspondence - everything can be protected by FileFilter.
Main advantages of FileFilter are:
- its secrecy in your PC - no-one except you will know that it is installed and hides some data
- ability of access locking to hidden files and folders
- original optimized algorithm guaranteeing fast working speed and effective data hiding
- unbelievably small size of the distributive
- support of Windows XP, 2000, 2003
All this along with a real low price makes FileFilter the best among all similar products.
Testing is absolutely free!

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